Casual Staff Payroll Form

This is the Casual Staff Payroll Form and is used to submit and confirm your bank details and tax status.

In order for Payroll to process this form, you will need to have been issued with a current letter of assignment for the work you are about to undertake. If you do not have a letter of assignment please email: confirming the work you have been assigned, and the manager and department who has offered this to you.

Please be aware that no time sheet can be processed and paid unless HR have issued a letter of assignment and payroll have received this form which confirms your bank details and tax status. This form must be completed for every assignment as HRMC rules require us to re-establish your tax status between assignments.
Once you have confirmed your bank details and tax status, in order to receive payment casual staff need to submit fully complete and authorised timesheets for work completed.
Please refer to your department who will advise on the departmental processes for timesheets.

Email address
Payroll No
The Payroll No field is mandatory. The number will have been issued to you by HR along with your letter of assignment. Do not proceed with this form if you do not have this information.
First Forename
NI Number
A NI number is required. If you do not have a number you must apply for one by calling Jobcentre Plus, tel: 0845 600 0643
Passport Number (this must be provided if you don't yet have your NI number)

UK Bank Details
Account in name of
Name of Bank/Building Society
Address of Bank/Building Society (including post code)
Bank Sort Code
Account Number
Building Society Roll No (if applicable)

If you have a P45 please send this separately to the Payroll Office, Room C25, King's Meadow Campus, Nottingham, NG7 2NR.
Note: You must complete the P46 declaration as well as sending in a P45 (if you have one).

P46 Information - Please confirm your current circumstances
Please read all the following statements carefully and select the one that applies to you
A - 1st job since 6 Apr & not had taxable Jobseeker Emp & Sup Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Pension
B - Only job since 6 Apr had job/taxable Jobseeker/Emp & Sup Allowance/Incapacity Benefit. No Pensio
C - As well as my new job, I have another job or receive a State Pension or Occupational Pension
Full definition of A, B and C:
A - This is my first job since last 6 April and I have not been receiving taxable Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment & Support Allowance, taxable Incapacity Benefit, State Pension or Occupational Pension.
B - This is now my only job, but since last 6 April I have had another job, or received taxable Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment & Support Allowance or taxable Incapacity Benefit. I do not receive a State Pension or Occupational Pension.
C - As well as my new job, I have another job or receive a State Pension or Occupational Pension.

Student Loans
If you left a course of Higher Education before last 6 April and received your first student loan instalment on or after 1 September 1998 and you have not fully repaid your student loan, please select yes.
If you are required to repay your student loan through your bank or building society or this does not apply to you please select No.
Please select:
Yes: Left education and not repaid loan and not paying via bank
No: Does not apply to me; not left education or no loan to repay

By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing that this information is correct and complete and for The University of Nottingham to use these details in order to make payment arrangements and fulfill any statutory duties.
Note: You may wish to print a copy of this form for your records before you click send.
If you have a P45, please remember to send it to the Payroll Office (under separate cover, together with a copy of this form).